Horse Racing Software

February 8, 2011
Written by: Richard Reese

Where to Turn With So Much Information to Process

Horse racing software has become more prolific as new programmers enter the field and work with established handicappers to create profit making software.

Unfortunately, not every horse racing software created is profitable.

For many fans that buy these programs, the learning curve is too steep, nor do many handicappers even use computers to generate their selections, relying instead on their old system of handicapping.

As younger horse racing fans come to love thoroughbred horse racing, then the value of these programs will increase.

But what is a person to do that has no experience with what is or isn't the best possible software to download and to use in their handicapping.

If we log into Brisnet, and go to their free horse racing software page:

Free Software

We are stunned with the various handicapping programs:

MultiCAPS Data Files
Common Ground(MT2)
Pace Maker 1.0
Pace Maker 2.0
Plus V
Capsheet 4
Neurax Pro

And although the above software programs are free to download, they cost money to download the data files.

For instance, let's say we were going to Saratoga Park tomorrow.
In a traditional sense we would buy Today's Racing Digest or Daily Racing Form, maybe we get it at the track or at our local convenience store.
If you don't know where to get past performance lines online, visit: horse racing form.

If we start using these free software handicapping programs, we have to remember that for every track we wager on, we would have to purchase a data file for that day.

MultiCAPS Data Files for one day of use is $5.00

Common Ground(MT2) Data Files one day $5.00

Pace Maker 1.0 Data Files one day use is $10.00

Pace Maker 2.0 Data Files one day use is $14.00

Plus V Data Files one day use is $14.00

All-Ways Data Files one day use is $14.00

Capsheet 4 Data Files one day use is $14.00

Neurax Pro Data Files one day use is $14.00

The above prices are discounted if you download a certain amount each month from the Brisnet site, but those are still hefty prices for handicapping software you don't know a thing about.

And those are just the free software programs.
There are many independent programmers that have created computer handicapping programs to help horse players, as well.

So I ask you, Which Horse Racing Software Do You Pick?

Luckily for us there has been a company around since the 1970s that analyzes books, tips, software programs, anything and everything related to horse racing.

Visit, Phillips Racing Newsletter and let them review the various products and software programs for you, so you don't waste money on worthless junk.

I would sign up for the newsletter and that alone will help you become a better handicapper.

And for what its worth, Phillips Racing gave All-Ways Software a 9.5 out of 10 on their scale, the highest they have ever awarded a software program.
I can't speak for All-Ways because I don't use their horse racing software, but I trust Phillips Racing Newsletter and their opinions.