santa anita park picture

I really love this picture, I just wish I could have gotten the two palm trees in the shot. Nothing says, "L.A. like palm trees."

great race place

Santa Anita Park really is the Great Race Place!

wide santa anita and fountain

Here is a wider view.

 South Exit

View from the other end. Beyond the fountain is the south exit.

horse and jockey topiary

Picture of horse and jockey topiary.


I just love the symmetry of this shot. What do you think?

holding and saddling area

The next few pictures are where the horses are saddled and held until they move to the walking ring.

saddle area2

saddling area3

jockey's room

If you think about it, a leading rider at the meet changes more times in a day than most people change in a week.

moving to walking ring

Horses move from the saddling/holding area and journey to the walking ring.

walking ring

The next few shots focus on the walking ring.


walking ring2


walking ring tote board

View of tote board from the walking ring.

tunnel walk

The tunnel the horses must walk through to enter the main track.


Getting back to the main track.




santa anita in January

A beautiful January day at the track. I think it was about 77 degrees.  

main track


large angle tote board


santa anita main track pictures

santa anita main track pictures2

santa anita finish line

Finish Line!!!